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Performance Dentistry

The need for dental care in older horses or those with poor bites has been recognized throughout the years. Only recently have the benefits of performance dentistry in our working horses been widely accepted. Various health issues and physical discomfort can arise from poor tooth condition. Maintenance dentistry is an integral part of a complete preventative healthcare plan for horses young and old. Our goal is to maintain a horse's mouth to prevent sharp points and discomfort from ever developing. Many of the horses we see, however, have not had their mouths maintained regularly and are in need of correction for the problems that have developed due to wear. Our doctors have received specialized training and have extensive experience in the area of dentistry and are equipped with specialized motorized and hand equipment to make the necessary changes that each horse requires.

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Reproductive Services

We are active and experienced in all aspects of equine reproduction. Our goal is to help our breeding clientele get foals on the ground. We are able to tailor a program for each individual mare to meet her and her owner’s needs. We utilize ultrasound examinations to pinpoint optimal breeding and ovulation times and to track fetal viability and growth during gestation. We are able to meet all of your reproductive needs whether they involve natural or artificial breeding, shipped semen, embryo transfer, foaling assistance, management of high risk pregnancies or assistance with "difficult breeding mares".

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Lamesness Diagnosis and Treatment

This ever evolving field of science absolutely requires an experienced and dedicated practitioner and up to date technology. A comprehensive lameness work up may involve physical examination, gait observation, flexion tests and nerve or joint blocks to isolate the source of pain in the lame horse. Our portable digital x-ray unit allows us to take diagnostic films in the field and view the films immediately. Portable ultrasound allows examination of soft tissue injuries, such as tendon and ligament injuries. Once the source and extent of the lameness has been determined then a treatment plan can be developed to help heal the injuries and prevent or minimize future damage. For horses with specific issues and the need for corrective shoeing, we often work with area farriers to provide x-rays and diagnostic information to formulate a corrective trimming and shoeing plan.

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Internal Medicine

The foundation of a good preventative health plan for your horse is establishment of sound and consistent nutrition, routine vaccination and deworming and regular dental maintenance. We establish our protocols individually for each patient and choose products based on efficacy with the least amount of potential side effects. Despite a good preventative maintenance plan some diseases in the horse cannot be prevented. For these cases, should they be needed, we have available extensive laboratory services, including blood chemistry profiles, complete blood cell counts and pathogen cultures.

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Pre-Purchase Examination

A thorough examination prior to purchasing a new horse is essential to disclose any existing health or lameness issues to assist the buyer in determining if the horse would be suitable for their intended use. Our purchase exams include an evaluation of the horse’s general health by a complete physical examination as well as a gait evaluation and assessment of any existing lameness, previous injuries, behavior and conformation. The exam can be basic or can include radiographs, laboratory evaluations or any other procedures requested by the buyer or deemed necessary by the doctor.

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Emergency Service

All About Equine provides after-hour emergency service for conditions that cannot wait for regular business hours. We have two doctors on staff which means during those critical emergency situations, day or night, one of your regular veterinarians will be available to assist your needs. We employ an answering service that answers our regular office number after hours, so that clients will talk to a live person and will not have to deal with voice mail messages or paging systems.

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Full Service, 24-7, Emergency Care, Experienced and Dependable, Portable Digital X-Ray, Portable Ultra Sound, Class IV Deep Tissue Laser.

All About Equine Veterinary Services promise is to provide quality, progressive and compassionate veterinary care to our equine patients. We will always be present in all aspects of diagnosis and treatment to assist our patients to recover as quickly as possible from any illnesses or injuries. Our entire staff is dedicated to communicate effectively with our patient's owners and to educate them so that they may provide the day to day care necessary to keep their horses healthy.

All About Equine Veterinary Services is an ambulatory equine veterinary practice that was established in the spring of 2002. Dr. Dawn Alves founded All About Equine with the hope of bringing better healthcare and progressive medicine to the horses in our part of the north state. The practice has grown since our start and is now a two doctor practice so that we may provide veterinary care to the growing population of horses in our area. Both doctors at All About Equine are committed to preventive care and maintenance of horses in all stages of life. The practice continues to evolve as we add new advanced equipment to our practice and our doctors attend additional trainings to enhance and broaden our skills.


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Our Doctors.

Meet Our Equine Veterinarians.

Dr. Dawn Alves DVM

has 28 years experience in private practice as a veterinarian working with large and small animal patients.

She graduated from Orland High School and received her Bachelors of Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees from U.C. Davis. Dr. Dawn worked for many years in mixed animal practices in the Orland, Willows and Corning areas. In 2002, Dr. Dawn started her own practice, All About Equine Veterinary Services, to focus her passion for veterinary medicine more specifically on the horse. In addition, she purchased the veterinary practice from retiring local veterinarian Dr. Jim Edwards to expand the client base and pave the way for a second veterinarian to join the practice. Dr. Dawn has received additional specialized training in the areas of Dentistry, Reproduction, Embryo Transfer, High Risk Pregnancy, Cooled and Frozen Semen, Laminitis Treatments, Nerve and Joint Blocks and Injections, Neurology, Endoscopy, Lameness Management and other areas of Equine Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Dawn lives in Chico with her family. Her personal interests include: horseback and motorcycle riding, water skiing, dancing, cooking and working in her yard.

  • UC Davis DVM
  • 28 Years Experience Large Animal & Small Animal

Dr. Brittany Davis DVM

Originally from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Brittany left a brief but rewarding career as a graphic designer to follow her dream of becoming a veterinarian. With the support of her husband, Bret and followed by her horse, dog and pet rabbit, the Davis family moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. Brittany obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Equine Sciences with a special interest in equine nutrition before going on to complete her veterinary medical degree at Colorado State University. Brittany and her husband both worked for a large equine reproduction facility in Fort Collins where they gained knowledge and experience in equine reproduction techniques. This helped lead to a position at the CSU Equine Reproduction Lab where she continued her practice in breeding management, artificial insemination, stallion collection, semen evaluation and embryo transfer. After vet school, Brittany completed a rigorous one-year internship at Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center in Los Olivos, CA focusing on medicine, surgery, anesthesia and advanced imaging. Here she also gained exceptional experience in regenerative medicine techniques, primarily bone marrow derived stem cells in a variety of applications. Brittany joined AAEVS in June 2011 and is enjoying the exciting and rewarding career of a field veterinarian. Outside of work, Brittany enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband – hiking, biking, camping and snowboarding. But she is happiest aboard one of her two Arabian horses training for the next 100-mile endurance ride.

  • Colorado State University DVM
  • Regenerative Medicine


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